Why Do We Ask For Contact Information?

The purpose of this system is to not only facilitate easy maintenance of your Shul's cholim list, but also to reduce Teercha D'Tzibura (overburdening of the congregation). We ask for full contact info to enable each Shul's Gabbai to verify that those who submit names for the Misheberach actually are affiliated with the Shul to which they submit them. It is strictly for internal use, and Washington Heights Congregation (the system administrator) will never reveal your info to any third party.

Who Can See My Information?

The personal information which you submit to the system can be seen by you, the Gabbai of the Shul to which you are affiliated, and the system administrator. It is not available to other users of the system.

Your name is available to other users if you select the option to allow others to recommend Cholim to you. However, they will not be able to see any other details about you. In order for someone to recommend a choleh to you, he/she will need to input your email address.

Information you submit about a Choleh can be seen by you, the Gabbai of your Shul, the system administrator and anyone to whom you recommend the Choleh. The exception is the 'Notes' field, which can be seen only by you.

If you are registered on this system, but not affiliated with a registered Shul, then your information, and any information you submit about Cholim, is viewable only by you and the system administrator.